Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is an essential part of preventing hearing loss. There are four basic types of hearing protection: earplugs, muffs, inserts, and custom plugs. Earplugs fit inside your ear canal, muffs fit over your ears (like a headband), inserts are usually attached to cord and are inserted into your ear canal, custom ear plugs are molded to fit your ear/ear canal. All are used to block/ protect sound waves from entering the innermost parts of your ear. Swim plugs are custom molded to prevent water entering the ear canal.

Choosing the Right Hearing Protector

  • Know how much noise reduction you need. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommends wearing hearing protection whenever sound levels are 85 dBA or higher
  • Think about the listening situation: music, occupational / recreational noise, military noise, hunting, snoring
  • Consider comfort and convenience

These are used for occupational, recreational, military noise exposure, for the professional musician or recreational musician, race car driver, hunter, truck driver, for snoring relief (significant other wears), or swim molds to prevent water from entering canal.

Custom Hearing Aids

Measured to match your ears and made just for you. Custom Hearing Aids are Part of a complete custom hearing solution.
There are many types of hearing aids available, but custom hearing aids are simply unique.
Custom hearing aids are custom-made to your individual hearing needs, ear shape, size, and structure. The smallest custom hearing aids are super discreet and almost invisible in the ear

Benefits of custom hearing aids

  • Size and discretion
  • Natural wind noise reduction
  • Usability, comfort, and custom fit
  • Natural and personalized sound
  • Connectivity with devices and Bluetooth

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