Hearing Aid Provider in New Jersey

When you choose Horizon Audiology, Inc. as your hearing aid provider, the consultation starts with a test conducted by a skilled audiologist. If it’s determined that you would benefit from a hearing aid, the next step is to gain a full understanding of your needs. In addition to considering any underlying health issues, we’ll look at everything from professional demands to whether you spend a lot of time attending lectures, which requires the ability to hear and process speech, or if you prefer to fill your days with travel.

Horizon Audiology will ensure you are fit appropriately using best audiology practices with Real ear, speech mapping and assessments.

Hearing Aid Styles

We offer a variety of hearing aid styles that offer many options in terms of style, application, and special features.

  • Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) and Lyric: These hearing aids aren’t visible to onlookers. The IIC helps mild-to-moderate hearing loss, while Lyric is more suitable for helping patients with mild-to-severe hearing loss
  • Full Shell (FS/ITE): This larger model fills the outer ear bowl and can help with mild-to-severe hearing loss
  • Completely-In-Canal (CIC): The CIC is barely visible and helps mild-to-moderate hearing loss
  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE): The BTE hooks over the ear for security and is the ultimate in amplification
  • In-the-Canal (ITC): Custom-molded ITC hearing aids are designed to help with mild-to-moderate hearing loss
  • Open Fit (OTE/RIC): Petite and made to fit behind the ear, the OTE/RIC can help any kind of hearing loss, but it may be especially effective for those experiencing loss in higher frequencies

Schedule Time With Your Trusted Hearing Aid Provider

More than 37.5 million Americans already struggle with hearing loss, and yet only 30% of adults aged 70 or older use hearing aids despite the potential benefits. To learn more about your ear health and how a hearing aid could help you better connect with the world around you, contact us online or call one of our offices in East Windsor or Pennington to schedule a comprehensive hearing exam.

Brands We Carry

As a certified Lyric provider, we’re proud to bring the incredible technology behind Lyric by Phonak to our neighbors in Mercer County. This innovative hearing aid is the first and only extended-wear hearing solution made to be 100% invisible. Once placed in the ear canal, Lyric is remarkably discrete yet still delivers clear, natural sound, and it’s comfortable enough to wear around-the-clock — even while exercising, showering, and completing other strenuous tasks.

Horizon Audiology also carries hearing aids from trusted brands, such as ReSound, Unitron, GN ReSound, Oticon, Widex, Starkey, and Signia. Whether you’re looking to change up the device you’re currently wearing or about to explore hearing aids for the first time, our team of experts can walk you through options and ensure you get the model and fit best suited to your unique needs.

The Horizon Audiology Difference

For those experiencing hearing loss, finding the right audiology team is crucial. Our commitment to excellence starts with our friendly front-desk staff and extends to our experienced audiologists. We offer comprehensive hearing-related services, including custom-fit hearing aids, custom earmolds, repair and maintenance, telecoils, earplugs for musicians, personal music players, swim molds and more. Our mission is to give you an accurate picture of your hearing as it currently stands, but also to help you explore every hearing solution available without the frustration, fear, and worry that so often accompanies that journey.,/p>



Not visible. IIC helps mild to moderate loss. Lyric helps mild to severe loss.


Fills outer ear bowl. Helps mild to severe loss.


Barely visible. Helps mild to moderate loss.


Hooks over the top of the ear. Provides the most amplification.


Custom molded. Helps mild to moderate loss.


Very small behind-the-ear. Helps any type of hearing loss, especially high frequency loss.