Hearing loss can impact cognition

Introducing Cognivue Thrive

Cognivue Thrive

Cognivue Thrive utilizes the same FDA-cleared technology that’s been used by neurologists and other physicians to test for cognitive function. This 5-minute self-administered computerized screening is simple to implement in any clinical environment and requires minimal staff involvement.
Cognivue Thrive evaluates three cognitive domains: memory, visuospatial, and executive function. Cognivue Thrive also measures two speed performance parameters: reaction time and speed processing. These domains and parameters are key to overall performance at any age.

The slow onset of hearing loss can have a significant impact on several key brain functions, including the memory, hearing, speech and language portions of cognition.

Hearing impairment is a greater risk factor for cognitive decline and dementia than other individual mid-life risks. The proactive management of modifiable risk factors such as hearing loss may delay or slow the onset or progression of the disease.

Several recent studies have shown that the use of hearing aids or other rehabilitation services for hearing loss, may slow down the rapid progression of cognitive decline

Key Benefits

  • Early Detection Early detection allows for early intervention and proper management
  • Five or Ten Minute Test This cognition test is rapid & objective. Results are consistent across all devices and locations
  • Tests Key Cognitive Domains A series of sub-tests used to measure motor control, visual processing, perception and memory

Cognitive testing is often performed too late. Through routine screening, you can improve your overall standard of care and eliminate uncertainty about your cognitive function.

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