Horizon Audiology

84 Route 31 North, Suite 200
Pennington, NJ 08534
Phone: 609-303-0291
Email: info@horizonaudiology.com

Tuesday – Friday: 8:30AM – 4PM

Find affordable hearing aids and experienced audiological services from Horizon Audiology, Inc. of Pennington, NJ. Our audiologists are fully versed in the analysis of hearing health and can provide you with the aid or treatment you need to enhance your hearing. Whether you regularly encounter excessive noise that affects your ears, or have experienced diminished hearing due to advanced age, we can provide you with a custom fitted hearing aid or otherwise recommend the hearing treatment most ideal to your needs.

During your visit with one of our professional audiologists, we will assess your current state of hearing, as well as your current lifestyle and its influence on your hearing. After a thorough analysis, we will recommend possible choices for our large selection custom-fitted, digital hearing aid. We also work with medical professionals in cases that warrant referrals. In this way we ensure your quality of life is not negatively affected by diminished hearing health. Visit Horizon Audiology, Inc. in Pennington, NJ to regain your hearing today.

Our services at Horizon Audiology include:

  • Custom-fitted digital hearing aids that best suit your hearing needs and daily environment;
  • Custom earmolds to enhance behind-the-ear hearing aids;
  • Repairs, maintenance and cleaning services for hearing aids and other hearing products;
  • Telecoil capability for improved hearing aid effectiveness;
  • Attachments for smartphones, tablets, iPods and MP3 players;
  • Hearing protection for excessively noisy environments;
  • And more.