Sensaphonics In Ear Monitors


Performing musicians typically rely on stage monitors to hear what they were playing during a show. Wedge shaped speaker face towards the performer so that the audience won’t be able to hear them over the loudspeakers. Unfortunately the wedges can introduce a lot of problems from damaging your ears with harmful volume levels to cluttering up the stage. Sensaphonics In-Ear Monitors solve these issues.

Sensaphonics In Ear Monitors are devices that are used by musicians to listen to their music as they are playing it during a performance. In ear monitor systems consist of the transmitter, the receiver, and a pair of earphones. With noise cancellation, the earphones reduce unwanted background sounds. The In Ear monitor mix can then be heard through the earphones in crystal clear quality.

Protecting your hearing is a must on stage, which is another reason to use In Ear Monitors over speaker wedges. The noise cancelling In Ear Monitors make it easier to hear the monitor mix. Between cutting down the number of speakers on stage and reducing loud background noises, In Ear Monitors protect your hearing and reduce noise exposure.

Visit an Audiologist at Horizon Audiology to have molds made of your ear canals and obtain custom fit In Ear Monitors. This mold will be used to design an earpiece made just for your ears. Because the earpieces are designed specifically for your ears, you will get an airtight seal that makes them more comfortable and helps to cancel out as much outside noise as possible, thus providing you optimal sound quality while protecting your hearing so that you can enjoy music for many years to come.

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