IIC Hearing Aids in New Jersey

Invisible-in-canal or IIC hearing aids offer users a chance to regain lost hearing using a device that’s imperceptible. At Horizon Audiology we’re proud to offer clients a variety of hearing aids, starting with sleek, easily hidden IICs that fit seamlessly into even the most active lifestyle.

IIC Hearing Aids

Invisible-in-Canal hearing aids are among the most discreet hearing devices currently on the market. Each hearing aid is custom fit for the user, so it can slide into the canal and feel comfortable yet secure. Because IICs sit in the second bend of the ear canal, they’re all but invisible to onlookers, making them especially attractive to anyone who is concerned about aesthetics and prefers an inconspicuous option.

It’s imperative to understand that along with all their positive attributes, IIC hearing aids are small and can be difficult to maneuver if you have issues with dexterity. Their small size also means they come with a small battery that has to be changed more frequently than batteries that power larger devices. The small surface area on an IIC eliminates the possibility of manual controls; if you want to adjust volume or memory, you’ll have to do so remotely using a mobile app (for tech-forward devices) or other external control.

Choosing Your Hearing Aid

  • What’s your budget? While financial concerns can feel all encompassing, it’s important to choose a device based on functionality as well as affordability.
  • How often are you comfortable changing batteries? Smaller devices generally have smaller batteries that need to be changed more frequently, while larger devices can hold larger batteries but may be visible.
  • Speaking of visibility, would you prefer a device that’s completely hidden, or is it more important to have a device that may be visible but also has easily accessible manual controls?
  • Are you interested in tech-driven devices that are Bluetooth capable and can be operated using a mobile app or another external device?
  • Is dexterity an issue? Smaller devices are easier to conceal, but they can be harder to grasp when it’s time to insert or remove them.

Phonak Lyric: A 100% Invisible Option

One product offered by Horizon Audiology is the highly respected Phonak Lyric hearing aid. Lyric prides itself on being “the world’s first and only 100% invisible hearing aid.” It’s also available in an array of sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, an important feature for those who have narrow ear canals and struggle with discomfort as well as people with wider canals who may get feedback from devices that shift inside the ear. As an in-canal hearing aid, Lyric piggybacks on the ear’s existing anatomy to produce a clear, natural sound.

Perhaps most excitingly, Lyric can be worn around-the-clock for weeks or even months at a time. Leave it in while you walk the dog, take a shower, watch TV, listen to music on your headphones, and sleep, and Lyric will do its job quietly, reliable, and efficiently. It doesn’t even have a battery, which means few worries about routine maintenance.