Horizon Audiology Offers Rechargeable Hearing Aid Technology

28 Jun 2017 Uncategorized

East Windsor, NJ – 2/27/17Horizon Audiology is proud to announce that it now offers groundbreaking rechargeable hearing aid technology to the general public. The revolutionary Audéo B-R hearing aid features a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides 24 hours* of hearing with one simple charge. It is fully charged after only three hours and a 30-minute fast-charge  provides six hours of immediate hearing. This means today’s hearing aid wearers can now focus on enjoying life instead of worrying about the last time they changed batteries. Wearers will also enjoy the confidence in knowing that the Audéo B-R comes from Phonak, the global leader in hearing aids and wireless communications solutions.

The Audéo B-R eliminates the hassles associated with disposable batteries. Thanks to advances in smart charging technology, the lithium-ion batteries lasts for years. Compared to traditional hearing aids that use disposable batteries, two environmentally-friendly Phonak Audéo B-R devices replace up to 100 hearing aid batteries in a typical year.

“We are thrilled to be among the practices who can now offer this truly life-changing technology to the public,” said, Dr. Jane Brady, Audiologist of  Horizon Audiology  ”We know the vast majority of hearing aid wearers don’t want to fumble with tiny batteries every five to seven days. They’re tired of worrying about whether they put them in right, or when they last changed batteries. With Audéo B-R, Phonak has given us a next-generation solution that not only provides our patients with an effortless hearing experience, but also simplicity and peace of mind.”

For added convenience, Audéo B-R hearing aids come with several smart charging options. In addition to its elegant, yet protective home charging case, a mini charger is a compact solution that is perfect for travelers—or for placement at work in the event the wearer forgets to charge at home. An optional power pack easily attaches to the charger case and provides wireless power for seven full charges, ideal for short trips or when no power source is available.

The Phonak Audéo B-R hearing aid is now available at Horizon Audiology in East Windsor, NJ. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, visit www.horizonaudiology.com  or call Horizon at 609-448-9730. For general information about the revolutionary Audéo B-R solution, visit www.phonak.com.

* Expected results when fully charged, and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time.

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